Marble colored Easter Eggs (using shaving cream!)

How to make Nicki’s marble colored Easter Eggs using shaving cream!


You will need:
Hardboiled eggs
White foam shaving cream (not gel )
Food coloring
Rubber gloves
Drop cloth or plastic bags
Small to medium baking dish or similar
Stir stick or pencil
Lots of paper towels


Step 1:
Lay your drop cloth or plastic bags over your table and put on gloves to avoid staining your hands.

Step 2:
Fill your container with shaving cream. You just need enough to cover the bottom. Smooth it out to flat.


Step 3:
Take the food coloring (3 to 4 colors) and randomly put drops of each color throughout the shaving cream. Use a thin stir stick or pencil and drag it though the shaving cream to pull the colors around a bit and create a marbled look.


Step 4: Slowly roll your egg through the mixture until it is covered with the colored shaving cream. Place it on a paper towel and let sit at least 15 min.


Step 5: Continue to roll the rest of the eggs and repeat step 2 and 3 if your first batch is getting too mixed together or empty.

Step 6: After letting the eggs dry for at least 15 minutes very gently dab ( not rub) them with clean paper towels to get the shaving cream off. You will need ALOT of paper towels. Just be sure to go slow and gently dab the excess off and not rub it off. Then place the in the container you would like to let them dry a little longer.


Once dried they look like this:


Some advice:This is messy and more suitable for older kids. My 4 year old twins would definetly not be able to do this. I used several pans instead of one because after you roll the first few eggs the colors tend to get too blended together. Also I rinsed and dryed my gloves before I started on a new egg. Next year I may insert toothpicks in both sides of the eggs and try to roll them that way. This is a messy project but the results are great. =) Hope this works for you as well! Happy coloring!



Marble colored Easter eggs

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